Ruby class that takes an iTunes Podcast URL and outputs the XML feed URL.
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iMasquerade is a Ruby project that allows for the retrieval of the original XML feed used by iTunes to create a specific podcast feed. As the name suggests, the class works by masquerading as iTunes, thereby retrieving the same XML used internal to iTunes. Once this iTunes XML is retrieved it is parsed for the source feed url and is subsequently returned.


  • httparty

  • multi_json

This project was built and tested against ruby 1.9.3p392 (2013-02-22 revision 39386) [x86_64-darwin14.0.0]


# returns ""

Technically, the parser can take the url in another format (e.g., id=356478903). However I do not believe Apple is using this format any longer. Regardless the capability is there.

Contributing to iMasquerade

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