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A very simple class library that provides short-hand colored output
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A very simple class library to aid in printing coloured output to the console.

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The public API is small. Simply create an instance of ConsoleWriter:

using System;
using ColorConsole;

var console = new ConsoleWriter();

and invoke the method of your choice:

console.Write("Be seeing you!", ConsoleColor.Yellow);
Best Practices

Ideally, you should rely on the IConsoleWriter type. This interface can then be used in conjunction with your favourite DI framework.


The main motivation was to reduce the typical boilerplate code involved to output colored text to the console. Quite often, you would see console applications defining/duplicating this behaviour in their own assembly each time it was required.


The easiest way to install ColorConsole is via Paket or Nuget.


Assuming your project has paket.exe under .paket/paket.exe


mono .paket/paket.exe add nuget ColorConsole


.paket/paket.exe add nuget ColorConsole


Install-Package ColorConsole

To Build

Acquire the source code.


Or if you don't have access to a bash env:



Logo credit to deadletterdesign

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