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This is a quick and dirty FREE STAR* (D-STAR) health and status script which generates an HTML page. It reads in a predefined list of systems (gateways and XRF reflectors) and performs a lookup on various data elements. It's designed to support both full and hybrid FREE STAR* + ircDDB systems.

It will not support repeaters on other systems such as ICOM's G2 software running DPLUS. It may be useful for repeaters that utilize ircDDB but are not fully FREE STAR* compliant.


Example Screenshot

Some sites using this script:


  • Python 2.6 or higher (but not Python 3)
  • python-httplib2


  • Debian/Ubuntu
  1. sudo apt-get install python-httplib2
  • CentOS 5.x
  1. sudo yum install python26 python26-httplib2
  2. edit and change the first line from "python" to "python26" as shown in the comment.


It's recommended that you copy gwstatus.hdr,, and gwstatus.ini to a new location and execute them from there. Please note that will retrieve and delete the FREE STAR* gwys.txt file in the working directory so it's best to run this from a user account (i.e. NOT root).


Edit gwstatus.ini:

  • set list of repeaters and reflectors you wish to monitor
  • set the destination location (htmlout) of the resulting html file

Edit gwstatus.hdr:

  • customize to meet your needs


This script was designed to be run nightly from cron. For example: @daily /home/joey/ > /home/joey/gwstatus.log

This script does not need root so long as the user executing the script has priviledges to write to the directory you specified in gwstatus.ini.