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What is your R-level

Project Status: Concept – Minimal or no implementation has been done yet, or the repository is only intended to be a limited example, demo, or proof-of-concept.

Lot's of people want to know their R-level, of course if you are a respected author of R-packages on CRAN you can actually see your score with the R rankings, but for us unfortunate souls that do not have that many packages on CRAN there is no simple way to determine our rank and standing in the community.

Therefore we have created a simple scale: the scaleR

Scores of ... level are indicative of entry-level R-ness. Scores above ... are indicative of medium-level R-ness and scores above ... are a serious problem.

The scaleR has excellent discriminatory accuracy and correlates 0.10 with githubbiness scale. Yes, this is a parody

Check the r-scale here.

This is still a concept / work-in-progress and I welcome all contributions.

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