A small description of how to query wikidata and tweet that out
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tweetbot with R

A small demonstration of a docker container that runs a R-script Keep in mind that this is a rather unsafe method to use your twitter keys you're much better of supplying them as arguments at build time.

Instructions to run the docker container

  • CD into the tweet folder
  • modify the Rscript
  • docker build to build the container
  • docker run to run the container
cd tweet
# modify the R script (you'd be wise to change the keys or use 
# a different way to add these keys to the image)
sudo docker build -t 'wikidatabot:v1'  .
sudo docker run wikidatabot:v1

Explanation of technology used

This container builds on the r-base container and installs all packages needed for the script to run. Unfortunately those are a lot of packages.

The script uses wikidataqueryr to query wikidata and retrieve a list of deaths. It selects one of those, glues the information from that death together and sends a tweet out with rtweet.

Running this script on heroku

The init.R file is used on heroku.

  • Install the heroku commandline app.

  • Select the init.R and script.R file and commit them

  • run the following commands (the buildpack is external)

heroku --create 
heroku buildpacks:set https://github.com/virtualstaticvoid/heroku-buildpack-r.git#heroku-16
heroku stack:set 'heroku-16'
git push heroku master

To make it run automatically every day you have to enable the scheduler. You need to add a creditcard.

  • in the schedular set this command: Rscript app/script.R

it now runs whenever you want to.