Text editor for the Nintendo 3DS console
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Text editor for the Nintendo 3DS console.


File opening/saving
Search for terms in a file (Will only find the first occurence. Looking to change this in future) Jump to beginning/end of a file


Instructions are provided on the bottom screen of the 3DS
The bottom screen is also used to show information about the file and some error messages (file opening failure for example)
Running Notepad3DS through the Homebrew Launcher will mean all file saves/opens will start from the /3ds/ directory. Prefix '../' to your filename to access the root folder.
Running Notepad3DS through a .cia will mean all file saves/opens will start from the root '/' directory. You can access files in other directories from here. For example, 3ds/files/example.txt


A - Select the current line
B - Start a new file (with confirmation)
X - Save current file
Y - Open a new file
R - Search for a term in the file
DPad/CPad - Movement up/down
L - Hold with movement to jump to beginning/end

NOTE: Notepad3DS can access directories but cannot create them. Saving a file to a non existing directory will NOT save the file correctly.

Further information

Each line can hold a maximum of 1024 characters when edited. If a line with more than 1024 characters is edited, it WILL be truncated with no way of undoing this.