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amtm - the Asuswrt-Merlin Terminal Menu

amtm is a shell-based front end that manages popular scripts for wireless routers running Asuswrt-Merlin firmware. It also offers a couple of additional management features.

Starting with Asuswrt-Merlin 384.15, amtm is included in the firmware.

amtm is maintained by @decoderman, aka thelonelycoder. GitHub repo, Website.
There are support threads at SNBForums that are dedicated to amtm.


amtm currently supports these popular scripts:

Script Maintainer Infos
Diversion thelonelycoder Link
Skynet Adamm Link
FlexQoS dave14305 Link
FreshJR Adaptive QOS FreshJR Link deprecated
YazFi Jack Yaz Link
scribe cmkelley Link
x3mRouting Xentrk Link
unbound Manager Martineau Link
connmon Jack Yaz Link
ntpMerlin Jack Yaz Link
scMerlin Jack Yaz Link
spdMerlin Jack Yaz Link
uiDivStats Jack Yaz Link
uiScribe Jack Yaz Link
DNSCrypt bigeyes0x0, SomeWhereOverTheRainBow Link
Pixelserv-tls kvic Link
NVRAM Save/Restore Utility Xentrk, John9527 & others Link deprecated
YazDHCP Jack Yaz Link
Vnstat dev_null Link
WireGuard Session Manager Martineau Link
Asuswrt-Merlin-AdGuardHome-Installer SomeWhereOverTheRainBow Link
VPNMON-R2 Viktor Jaep Link
RTRMON Viktor Jaep Link
WICENS Maverickcdn Link
KILLMON Viktor Jaep Link
Dual WAN Failover Ranger802004 Link

amtm also offers an interface for managing a number of other features:

Other features Maintainer
Entware zyxmon, ryzhovau, themiron
USB disk check at boot ColinTaylor, latenitetech, thelonelycoder
Format disk thelonelycoder, ColinTaylor
Router LED control, smart router LED scheduler thelonelycoder
Reboot scheduler via cron job thelonelycoder
Swap file creation and management thelonelycoder
amtm themes thelonelycoder
email settings thelonelycoder
10 router games to choose from thelonelycoder
Keep a history of entered shell commands thelonelycoder


amtm can be launched over SSH, as there is no web interface for it. In addition to enabling SSH support on your router, some of its scripts will have additional requirements, most commonly you will need to set Enable JFFS custom scripts and configs on the web interface to Yes, under Administration -> System. A USB disk is also required by many of its scripts.

Connect to your router using an SSH client (Xshell, putty, etc...), then launch amtm by simply typing


in the console. A menu will appear, guiding you through the various options available. Installing Entware is usually the first step you should do, since many scripts will require it.

Before installing any of the scripts it is strongly recommended that you read the documentation for these scripts.

amtm License

amtm is free to use under the GNU General Public License, version 3 (GPL-3.0)

Screenshot amtm v3.3

amtm v3.3