Access modem Web UI on WAN port (no script)

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This guide provides an easy configuration to access web-based UI of your xDSL/Cable modem connected to the wan port of your Asus router. Important! - This only works if you are able to acess the modem's configuration (some ISP have restrictions on their equipment). For this to work and avoid issues, Modem and Router will be configured on different subnets.

What we will do.

Step 1. Change your Modem ip to (Below an inlustrated example with a TP-Link modem)

Modem IP

Step 2. Go to LAN -> LAN IP. Make sure your Router is on a different subnet, by default It is. Click Apply.(Default ip adress will be

Router IP

Step 3. Go to WAN -> Internet Connection -> WAN IP Setting (section). Assign your Router an IP from the Modem's subnet: Switch Get the WAN IP automatically to No and set IP = | Subnet Mask = | Gateway = and click Apply at the bottom.


Step 4. Test if you can Access the modem's interface. Open your browser and enter

That's it !

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