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OpenCR: Open Source Control Module for ROS Build Status

ROBOTIS e-Manual for OpenCR

Open Source related to OpenCR

Documents and Videos related to OpenCR

Repository folder structure description

  • arduino
    • opencr_arduino
      • libraries : A collection of some libraries that can be used with OpenCR.
      • opencr : OpenCR package core to be installed in Arduino.
      • tools : Tools for OpenCR firmware writing.
    • opencr_develop
      • opencr_bootloader : OpenCR bootloader source
      • opencr_ld : OpenCR loader source (related bootloader)
      • opencr_ld_shell : OpenCR loader script source for TB3
    • opencr_release
      • Folders(version name) : Compressed files for updating TB3 core binary with ld_shell for each TB3 core version.
      • shell_update : Latest Compressed files for updating TB3 core binary with ld_shell.
      • package_opencr_index.json : json file for Arduino OpenCR package.