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<!-- This file makes it easy to include the settings for sensor managers -->
<!-- Params for 3D sensors config -->
<rosparam command="load" file="$(find open_manipulator_with_tb3_waffle_pi_moveit)/config/sensors_3d.yaml" />
<!-- Params for the octomap monitor -->
<!-- <param name="octomap_frame" type="string" value="some frame in which the robot moves" /> -->
<param name="octomap_resolution" type="double" value="0.025" />
<param name="max_range" type="double" value="5.0" />
<!-- Load the robot specific sensor manager; this sets the moveit_sensor_manager ROS parameter -->
<arg name="moveit_sensor_manager" default="om_with_tb3" />
<include file="$(find open_manipulator_with_tb3_waffle_pi_moveit)/launch/$(arg moveit_sensor_manager)_moveit_sensor_manager.launch.xml" />
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