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Using the GUI:

After running the SISC algorithm (written in python) from Automanner, run the following command with and the .mat file from the SISC algorithm to clean the data and generate a csv file

python -c "from clean import *; gencsv([.csv file], [.mat file])"

place the patterns in a created folder name Data with a desired name.


  • jquery
  • papa parse
  • amcharts
  • bootstrap
  • THREE.js
  • OrbitalControls.js

Usage Instruction:

Use one of the following three combinations to display the UI in a PHP enabled webpage:

demo.php + demo.css + demo.js (for demo purposes, shows all the patterns with no embded survey) gui.php + gui2.css + gui2.js (for running live studies, embeds a google survey, speeds up the video when playing normally, unlocks parts of the survey according to user interaction) turkgui.php + gui.css + gui.js (for running mechanical turk studies, generates a session key upon worker completion, encodes id into a base64 string, forces user to annotate each pattern and stores the results in a mysql database)

Access your pattern by (demo|gui|turkgui).php?id=(name of the pattern folder - encode it to a base64 string for turkgui.php)

Change the links in the php files(gui.php|turkguio.php) accordingly for collecting data with google form surveys.

Code Description:

demo.php|gui.php|turkgui.php - uses amcharts to display timeline and pie graph, embeds custom google survey for collecting data, uses html5 video to display a webm/mp4 video

gui.js|gui2.js - uses three.js to create and render a skeleton extracted from the data generated from the SISC algorithm, plots the patterns in a timeline from the given segments, traverse/replays the given segments based on user interaction (when a user clicks on the segment)

demo.css|gui.css|gui2.css - styles the web pages accordingly


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