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cuComplex API supported by HIP

1. cuComplex Data types

type CUDA HIP HIP value (if differs)
float2 cuFloatComplex hipFloatComplex struct
double2 cuDoubleComplex hipDoubleComplex struct
float2 cuComplex hipComplex struct

2. cuComplex API functions

cuCrealf hipCrealf
cuCimagf hipCimagf
make_cuFloatComplex make_hipFloatComplex
cuConjf hipConjf
cuCaddf hipCaddf
cuCsubf hipCsubf
cuCmulf hipCmulf
cuCdivf hipCdivf
cuCabsf hipCabsf
cuCreal hipCreal
cuCimag hipCimag
make_cuDoubleComplex make_hipDoubleComplex
cuConj hipConj
cuCadd hipCadd
cuCsub hipCsub
cuCmul hipCmul
cuCdiv hipCdiv
cuCabs hipCabs
make_cuComplex make_hipComplex
cuComplexFloatToDouble hipComplexFloatToDouble
cuComplexDoubleToFloat hipComplexDoubleToFloat
cuCfmaf hipCfmaf
cuCfma hipCfma
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