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emankov [HIP] Clean-up deprecated HIP error codes
hipErrorMemoryAllocation -> hipErrorOutOfMemory
hipErrorInitializationError -> hipErrorNotInitialized
hipErrorMapBufferObjectFailed -> hipErrorMapFailed
hipErrorInvalidResourceHandle -> hipErrorInvalidHandle
Latest commit 4921678 Dec 23, 2019

Simple test which shows how to use hipify to port CUDA code to HIP.
See related blog that explains the example. Now it is even simpler and requires no manual modification to the hipified source code - just hipify and compile:

  1. Add hip/bin path to the PATH : export PATH=$PATH:[MYHIP]/bin

  2. $ make Make runs these steps. This can be performed on either CUDA or AMD platform: hipify-perl > square.cpp # convert cuda code to hip code hipcc square.cpp # compile into executable

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