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@estewart08 estewart08 released this Jan 7, 2020 · 21 commits to master since this release

The source code base for this release of AOMP is the clang/llvm 9.0 stable sources as of Oct 29, 2019. The llvm-project branch used to build this release is AOMP-191029. In addition to a complete source tarball, the artifacts of this release include the 2 patches. The file llvm-project.patch shows the delta from the stable branch release/9.x of llvm-project. The file flang.patch are the changes we made to the flang repository.

Here are the changes made in this release:

  • Switch to ROCm source for ROCM 3.0.
  • Build and install llvm component compiler-rt.
  • Created ppc64le debian package for ubuntu 1804
  • Fixed examples and tests to work for any CPU type by using "uname -p" command.
  • Added verification enhancements for openmpapps
  • Added changes from rocmaster into master branch
  • Increased default number of loaded kernels to 32 from 8, before needing env-var ATMI_MAX_KERNEL_TYPES=nnn to increase
  • Allow map on reduction if -fopenmp-version=50
  • Fortran target compiles add AOMP/include dir for module searches
  • Modified nested parallel to not use SafeMalloc and instead preallocate loop context memory.
  • Minor header changes in
  • Adjusted to avoid use of indirect function calls
  • Added $ORIGIN to cmake rpath install in build scripts. This also makes the installation directory moveable. For example, one could move the compiler installation as follows "mv /usr/lib/aomp_0.7-6 /opt/rocm/aomp"
  • Added new patch system to allow for unmodified repos after build is complete
  • Added support for gfx908/mi100
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