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hcFFT has been deprecated and has been replaced by rocFFT

A. Introduction:

This repository hosts the HCC based FFT Library, that targets GPU acceleration of FFT routines on AMD devices. To know what HCC compiler features, refer here.

The following are the sub-routines that are implemented

  1. R2C : Transforms Real valued input in Time domain to Complex valued output in Frequency domain.
  2. C2R : Transforms Complex valued input in Frequency domain to Real valued output in Real domain.
  3. C2C : Transforms Complex valued input in Frequency domain to Complex valued output in Real domain or vice versa

To know more, go through the Documentation

B. Key Features

  • Support 1D, 2D and 3D Fast Fourier Transforms
  • Supports R2C, C2R, C2C, D2Z, Z2D and Z2Z Transforms
  • Support Out-Of-Place data storage
  • Ability to Choose desired target accelerator
  • Single and Double precision

C. Prerequisites

  • Refer Prerequisites section here

D. Tested Environment so far

  • Refer Tested environments enumerated here

E. Installation

  • Follow installation steps as described here

F. Unit testing

  • Follow testing procedures as explained here

G. API reference

  • The Specification of API's supported along with description can be found here

H. Example Code

  • Refer Examples section here