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Selfhosted Docker Automated Builds
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sdab - Selfhosted Docker Automated Builds

Not Production Ready
sdab has not been very widely tested yet but it seems to works quite well for ~10 projects I use it in.
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sdab is a Node.js app to automatically build Dockerfiles that are in Github repos.

Getting Started

You need to be connected to the Docker Hub and have Docker installed on your computer.

Now, run the following in a Terminal:

docker run -p 3000:3000 \
 -v $HOME/.ssh:/root/.ssh \
 -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
 -v $HOME/.docker/config.json:/root/.docker/config.json \

It will now listen on port 3000.

So far I have only tested this on Linux, if you have tested this on another OS and it works fine, please do open a Issue informing me of this.


Deploying this is not very different then running it on your Computer, if at all.


  • A Server running Linux with:
    • Docker
    • A SSH Keypair
    • Access to a Registry like Docker Hub or your own.

docker run -p 6000:3000 \
-v /path/to/ssh/keypair/folder:/root/.ssh \
-v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
-v /PATHTO/YOURHOMEDIR/.docker/config.json:/root/.docker/config.json \
  • Change the 6000 to the external (exposed) port number you desire.
  • Change /path/to/ssh/keypair/folder to where your SSH Key Pair is (Ex: /home/yourname/.ssh or /root/.ssh)
  • Change /PATHTO/YOURHOMEDIR to where your home directory is (You can find this out by running echo $HOME in a terminal)
  • Run it!

Now that your sdab instance is running, you have to go into your Github Repo's settings and select Webhooks -> Add webhook then

  • Fill out the payload url with your server's URL with the path being /webhook Example showing the Github interface
  • Choose content type "application/json"
    Yet another example showing the Github interface
  • Enter a random string that will be your new Github Webhook secret, behave like it is your password.
  • Select "Just the push event" and add the Webhook - if you see a nice ✔️ emoji then success!

Docker Compose Example

version: 3
            - '6000:3000'
            - '/path/to/ssh/keypair/folder:/root/.ssh'
            - '/var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock'
            - '/pathTo/yourHomeDirectory/.docker/config.json:/root/.docker/config.json'
        image: ronthecookie/sdab

"docker run" command argument customization guide (badly written)

THIS IS BADDLY WRITTEN, You have been warned. If this is a private git repo - you will need to point it to an ssh key pair with the -v /path/to/ssh/keypair/folder:/root/.ssh Now, you'll need a port to expose -p 6000:3000 where 6000 is your port. Those are all of the important arguments done, now you just need to run docker login (or docker login if you are connecting to a registry other than Docker Hub)


  • Docker Hub's Automated Builds for the idea.
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