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Travis-CI Build Status

Following the python module py3minepi, this is an R package that allows connection to the Minecraft API using RaspberryJuice and either Spigot or Minecraft:Pi.

The miner package provides a few simple functions to manipulate the Minecraft world from R. See the vignette for details on setting up a Minecraft server and using this package.

The intent of this package is to encourage new R users to learn R by writing scripts to do fun things in Minecraft. (See the extra_vignettes folder for details.) For example, with these functions you could:

Write words on a hillside:

Render a photograph as a wall of blocks:

Or the R logo:

Generate a random maze in R, and create it in the world for players to explore:

This player is operated by a bot trying to find its way out of the maze via a rule-based algorithm:

Give the player the powers of Elsa:

Freeze water as you run over it

or create towers of ice with a gesture:

Write a bot to play a game with players over chat:


And, of course, make ggplot plots in Minecraft:


The craft package includes additional functions that illustrate and extend the use of miner. Contributors who want to extend the functionality of miner should submit a pull request to the craft package.


R Programming with Minecraft is a bookdown book about R and Minecraft, and particularly about using Minecraft with the miner package. Contributors who want to add documentation should submit a pull request to the miner_book repository on Github.

About this package

This package was created as part of the ROpenSci unconference in May, 2017 by:


Licensed under the MIT license. (More information here.)