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Clustered Massive Multiplayer Online Game Engine
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Clustered Massive Multiplayer Online Game Engine that can be started on a cheap quad / hexa core virtual linux server, and as the game goes on, and requires more computing power, additional slave servers can be added on the fly to help out especially If NPCs also expand...

I had the idea of making a complex strategy game that is a work of art rather then a product, no compromises, no deadline. A game that is different every time you play it, fast enough to be fun, but not instantaneous, and also limited by generous amount of actuin points to be fair. It should have NPCs like players, so that you can capture NPC settlements, not just raid and/or destroy them. The game will be played both on different type and size planets each with their own ecosystem, and limited resource quantity, and with ships and starbases in space. It will also have some role playing elements, where you can meet friendly and hostile NPCs you can negotiate and form alliance with them. This of course increases complexity, and the processing power required, but also the immersion.

Good luck finding an engine that does all that, so I'm making one. :)

The project is in early phase of development...

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