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RPCS3 Compatibility Bot

Development Requirements

  • .NET Core 2.1 SDK or newer
  • Any text editor, but Visual Studio 2017 or Visual Studio Code is recommended

Runtime Requirements

How to Build

  • Change configuration for test server in CompatBot/Properties/launchSettings.json
  • Note that token could be set in the settings or supplied as a launch argument (higher priority)
  • If you've changed the database model, add a migration
    • $ cd CompatBot
    • $ dotnet ef migrations add -c [BotDb|ThumbnailDb] MigrationName
    • $ cd ..
  • $ cd CompatBot
  • $ dotnet run [token]

How to Run in Production

  • Change configuration if needed (probably just token)
  • Put bot.db in CompatBot/
  • $ cd CompatBot
  • $ dotnet run -c Release [token]