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cellL10n: Small adjustements (#2320)

l10n: Partial jstrnchk
l10n: SBCSstoUTF8s
l10n: Replace fmt::throw_exception() for cellL10n.todo() and
return ConversionOK for String methods, 0 for character methods
and the character itself for specific methods;
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1 parent 1669d0f commit 6c372d178146986658fea70f5ddc49b1271fe51a @AniLeo AniLeo committed with Nekotekina Feb 8, 2017
Showing with 510 additions and 302 deletions.
  1. +503 −301 rpcs3/Emu/Cell/Modules/cellL10n.cpp
  2. +7 −1 rpcs3/Emu/Cell/Modules/cellL10n.h
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