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If you are wondering about websites and documents in order to gather information about certain parts of the PlayStation 3 here is a nice list to start with. Probably more things should be added here, but for now it is a good compilation of useful sources. If what you are looking for isn't below, remember that Google is your friend. If it's not, remember that other RPCS3 developers are your friends too. Ask them!

Developement channel: #development at RPCS3's Discord
Old IRC channel: #rpcs3 at

Best wishes and happy coding!


You can find a compendium of public documentation released by IBM and Sony regarding Cell and the SPU at our website under Download which contains:




(Some of this information can be deleted, or at least it should be properly organized)

  • sizeof(char) = 1 (= 8 bits)
  • sizeof(short) = 2
  • sizeof(int) = 4
  • sizeof(long) = 4
  • sizeof(long long) = 8
  • sizeof(size_t) = 4
  • sizeof(sys_memory_container_t) = 4
  • sizeof(void*) = 4

Reading from invalid addresses / Trying to execute code from invalid addresses (e.g. stack) / Trying to write to invalid addresses (e.g. functions) makes the application exit on real PS3s.

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