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IPFS - Integration

IPFS (Interplanetary File System) is used by RPGcoin for issuance meta-data, messaging, and transaction meta-data.

IPFS hashes are stored on-chain.

  • Issuance transaction for issuance meta-data.
  • Send channel token or ownership token to the same address to "broadcast" a message.
  • Any other transaction can optionally include transaction meta-data.

RPGcoin must interact with IPFS in order to show messages because the message content is stored on IPFS. IPFS access should be on by default, but should be able to be turned off with a flag. -noipfs Seed nodes, back-end systems, etc. will not need IPFS.

Phased approach to IPFS integration

The two phase approach allows RPGcoin to use IPFS natively, but also use existing IPFS proxies.

Add a class of IPFS functions for init, get, and add, where these functions will either get from ifps daemon, ipfs proxies, or NOOP if -noipfs is set.

Phase 1

Phase 2

  • A button that downloads and installs IPFS for the given platform (Mac, Windows, Linux)
  • RPGcoin client detects when ipfs daemon is installed.
  • Use ipfs get for download
  • Use ipfs add for upload
  • Option to act as a IPFS pinning node for RPGcoin assets. -ipfsnode

Mobile Wallet

The mobile wallet will use IPFS proxies.

Web Wallet

The web wallet will use IPFS proxies.


If -ipfsnode is set, then all ipfs hashes for RPGcoin that are less than 16000 characters and are valid JSON are pinned.

If -ipfsnofilter is also set, then all ipfs hashes for RPGcoin are pinned. This may take a lot of disk space. This removes the 16000 character and json data type restriction.

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