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Portfolio of Markus Wall
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Portfolio of Markus Wall

Welcome to my portfolio! This Github repository is a collection of some of my personal projects, including full source code.

NOTE: This repository is updated rarely and a lot of my work on here is outdated. Most of my more recent code is still private, but shall be made public once it progresses far enough.

If you're interested in a complete list of games I have worked on as a professional programmer, please visit my portfolio page.

Project List

Custom Calendar (2016)

A calendar application requested by a friend. It works similar to the Windows calendar, but can be customized in many different ways. Months, week days, leap days and more things can be changed. The application also automatically saves all settings.

Custom Calendar Preview

Web Model Viewer (2015)

A 3D model viewer built in Unity 3D. I originally started making this for my girlfriend's portfolio website. The original idea was to insert models and animations into it, then export it as a Flash or WebGL player and embed it into a website. My girlfriend ended up not needing a model viewer after all, so this was never fully finished and went unused, but even in it's current state it's already quite capable and polished. You can select between a number of different skyboxes and materials to view, enable different viewing options and angles, and navigate the scene using controls similar to Maya and Unity 3D. Options for selecting different models and animations to view were planned for the final version.

Skybox images © 2015 Stella B. & Games Academy

Web Model Viewer Preview

Kokku Engine (WIP) (2014)

A base engine for a 2D platformer inspired by Mario games, developed in Unreal Engine 4.4.0. Very early WIP that never got too far beyond the starting point, but it's here just in case you still want to take a look.

A Star (2014)

A grid-based implementation of A* path finding algorithm, written in C# for fun. Also uses multi-threading to prevent the game from freezing while a path is being searched. Requires XNA to be installed on your system.

3D Renderer Interface (2014)

Basic framework for a 3D rendering interface written in C++ that loads its actual renderer from a dynamic library. Currently does nothing but clearing the screen to a certain color, but already supports Direct X 10 and Direct X 11 renderers and is built with multi-platform support in mind.

Quad Trees (2014)

A simple quad tree implementation written in C#. Generates random sprites, adds them to a quad tree and then queries all sprites from the quad tree intersecting with a circle controlled by the mouse. Requires XNA to be installed on your system.

Simple Matrix Library (2014)

A simple matrix library written in C#. Supports calculations like inverse, coefficient and determinant. Also includes some simple 2D vector code.

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