A framework for generating input and output files for UPE's biannual programming competition
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UPE ProgComp Problem Generator

This is a simple framework for generating and verifying a progcomp problem from multiple sources. It can generate test files and their output given a generator and solution in ruby, and it can verify a solution using either java or python (and can be extended for other languages, too). Generation of a problem input can take into account a given set of edge cases that it should include in every input file.

How to use

If you want to examine a problem individually, you may use ruby problem/gen.rb [n] to generate n input sets (default 1) to STDOUT. You can also verify a set from STDIN using ruby problem/solution.rb < input. You can also pipe the above two together for a one line generate and solve to make sure everything is sane, as such:

$ ruby gen.rb 100 | ruby solution.rb

For generating data, use the rake command in the project root directory with the gen command to generate the input files. If you specify the problem slug in square brackets, only that problem will be generated, as such:

$ rake gen[streets]

For testing data, use rake by itself, or rake test[problem] to test a specific problem. Execution will be stopped once an error finds a discrepency in the two output files. All generated and tested data will be placed in a grader directory in the project root that acts as a direct drop in to the progcomp server.