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UPE Prog Comp Server


  • Python 2.7
  • Django 1.3


The following will create a database and allow you to set up an admin account. Note: Admin accounts cannot be used on the main website. You must create a separate profile once the server is running.

$ cd progcomp
$ python syncdb

Additionally, once the database is created you must add problems that are placed in the grader folder via the administration panel (see below).

Running the Server

The local configuration file is used automatically if present.

$ cd progcomp
$ python runserver

The server can be accessed at

Running the Grader

Submissions are not graded by the application. The grader daemon can be started in the same way the server is and runs in the background alongside it occasionally querying the database to check for new submissions.

$ cd progcomp
$ python grade_submissions

You may also pass in an additional "regrade" command and an optional problem slug to go along with it.

$ python grade_submissions regrade
$ python grade_submissions regrade foobaz

If no problem slug is specified, all failed attempts will be regraded. Note that in no case will successful attempts be regraded, but if they must be purged, you will need to do that through the administration panel (see below).


Point your browser to


  • conf: Sample configuration files for nginx and uWSGI
  • database: Sqlite3 databases for use in development
  • grader: Directories for each problem and their sets of inputs and expected outputs
  • media: Files to be transferred to and received from users
    • output_file: Program output received from users, referenced by database
    • resumes: PDF/text files of users' resumes, referenced by database
    • sources: Problem results submitted by users with output, referenced by database
    • users: Directories for each user
      • inputs: A specifically assigned input file from problems will be hardlinked to this directory
      • diff: Contains diffs of all failed executions
  • progcomp: Project source
  • static: Static content served, e.g., javascript, css, images
  • templates: HTML files loaded by Django's templater
  • test_site: Configuration scripts for testing load with FunkLoad