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Replication of the methodology described in 'Are We There Yet? On RPKI's Deployment and Security' paper published at NDSS'17. requires these arguments:

path_diversity : CSV file obtained by running with the same BGP RIB data that will be used for this script

as_relationship : CAIDAs AS relationship files found here

data : BGP RIB data annotated with RPKI information. Format is that of bgpreader with an added field at the end that is a number between 0 and 5:

0: Route is valid
1: Route is unknown
2: Route is invalid
3: Route is invalid because of wrong ASN
4: Route is invalid because of wrong length
5: Route is invalid because of wrong ASN and wrong length

Data used in our replication:

BGP RIB Dump (annotated):

CAIDA AS relationship data used:

So overall usage:

./path-diversity <bgp_data>  //outputs path_diversity.csv
./ path_diversity.csv <bgp_data> <number of random vantage point sets to run analysis with>

Outputs: All results are in: 'results/analysis_results.txt'


<number of vantage points>|<number of non-rov AS>|<number of rov candidates>|<number of rov enforcers>|<number of false positive rov candidates>|<number of false positive rov enforcers>
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