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Discord rpm

Unofficial RPM package for Discord.

How to use

  1. Download and extract the zip.
  2. Open a terminal and cd to the discord-master directory.
  3. Run one of the following depending on the version you want to create a package for:
    • Discord Stable: ./create-package.sh stable
    • Discord PTB:     ./create-package.sh ptb
    • Discord Canary: ./create-package.sh canary


  • Downloads the latest version of Discord from the official website
  • Creates a ready-to-use RPM package
  • Discord Stable, PTB, and Canary can be installed at the same time
  • Adds Discord to the applications list with a nice HD icon
  • Supports Fedora (27, 28) and OpenSUSE (Leap).

More information

Warning - no accents

The path where you run the script must not contain any special character like é, ü, etc. This is a limitation of the rpm tools.

How to update

When a new version of Discord is released, simply run the script again to get the updated version.


The rpmdevtools package is required to build RPM packages. The script detects if it isn't installed and offers to install it.

About root privileges

Building an RPM package with root privileges is dangerous, see http://serverfault.com/questions/10027/why-is-it-bad-to-build-rpms-as-root.


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