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MapTool 1.11.5

WebRTC Updates

Adds additional logging for WebRTC and improved connection handling.

If you are using WebRTC for your sessions or wish to help with testing please update to this version and report back to the MapTool Discord your experiences when using it, both positive and negative.

  • #3327 Additional logging and improved connection handling for WebRTC.

MapTool 1.11.4

Security Fix Release

Updated the Log4J libraries for a security vulnerability.

  • #3266 Update to log4j-1.2-api v2.15.0
  • #3265 Update to log4j-core v2.15.0
  • #3264 Update to log4j-api v2.15.0

MapTool 1.11.3

Bug fix release.

  • #3250 Calling playStream() without a start time could cause exceptions after playback stopped. Fixed.
  • #3245 onInitiativeChange event was not triggering unless onInitativeChangeRequest was also on lib:token. Fixed.
  • #3225 Additional issue with tokens in older campaigns all loading as Medium size. Fixed.

MapTool 1.11.1/2

Bug fix release.

  • Fixes for the dreaded red X plus bar and size resets.

Bug Fixes

  • #3243 Health bars now stay visible/enabled on both server & player clients.
  • #3239 Assets from older token files (.rptok) were failing to load when dropped on map. Fixed.
  • #3236 HTML5 cannot pass {body:... to fetch. Fixed.
  • #3235 XMLHttpRequest() improperly decodes lib:// responses as UTF-16 producing gibberish output. Fixed.
  • #3232 Token images not loading on both player and server clients when dropped. Fixed.
  • #3229 getLibProperty() was failing on properties starting with [ or {. Fixed.
  • #3225 Token sizes resetting with server stop/start or movement. Fixed.

MapTool 1.11.0

Feature release using OpenJDK 16


  • New VBL Modes - new VBL modes Hill and Pit.
  • New MapTool Easy Connect™ server mode makes it easier for players to connect using their Public Key for authentication.
  • Initial support for "Add-On" Libraries (not lib:tokens).
  • New and updated macro functions.
  • Long-time Java bug causing MapTool to hang when dropping images into Edit Token dialog fixed with new Java release.

Enhancements & Features

  • #3212 New GUI for managing Add-Ons accessible through File menu.
  • #3200 New MapTool Easy Connect™ option for servers to allow players to submit their Public Key information at connection for approval by GM.
  • #3190 New JavaScript primitive MTXMLHttpRequest.
  • #3171 Extend @this behaviour to the data.getStaticData function.
  • #3164 New macro function data.getStaticData(namespace, path) for accessing static data in Add-On libraries.
  • #3103 Additional properties added to output of getFrameProperties()
    • tabtitle, html5, temporary, visible, docked, floating, autohide, undocked_x, undocked_y, undocked_h, undocked_w
  • #3098 Universal VTT import now uses Terrain VBL for Object LOS Blocking.
  • #3077 Initial support for "Add-On" libraries that can contain MTScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, assets and more in a zip file. New macro functions in support:
    • library.listAddOnLibraries() Lists the add on libraries
    • library.getInfo(namespace) Gets information about a library (either Add-On or lib:token)
    • library.listTokenLibraries(namespace) Lists the Lib:tokens in the campaign
    • library.getContents(namespace) Lists the contents of a library
  • #3073 Macro function getInfo("server") now returns additional properties:
    • useWebRTC, usePasswordFile, server name, port number
  • #3057 New getInfo("theme") option returns the color information for the various UI elements.
  • #2984 Campaign Panel now part of default layout.
  • #2982 Use of Direct3D by Java disabled by default to avoid display issues.
  • #2935 getInfo("server") now includes corner info for Corner Image types, grid for the Grid * types and the group name is included in each state entry.
  • #2777 New server option to disable Map Selection on player clients.
  • #2755 New VBL types and changes:
    • Hill - Can see into but not through areas enclosed in Hill VBL.
    • Pit - Tokens outside of Pit VBL can see over but tokens inside can only see within.
    • Regular VBL is now called Wall. No changes to functionality.
  • #2431 New macro functions to show/hide Overlays:
    • [r: setOverlayVisible(OverlayName, {1|0})]
    • [r: visible = isOverlayVisible(OverlayName)] // returns 1|0
  • #2001 New server options to disable Lock Player Movement & Lock Token Editor on Player clients.
  • #1385 New macro functions to create tokens.
    • createToken(tokenValues) to create a token from a JsonObject
    • createTokens(arrayofTokenValues) to create multiple tokens from a JsonArray of JsonObjects.
  • #1104 New server option to disable Player access to Resource Library.

Bug Fixes

  • #3216 Alpha 5 builds failing to load assets from campaign file. Fixed.
  • #3211 Macro buttons with missing images causing MapTool to hang. Fixed. (Develop only.)
  • #3199 getMapDisplayName() wasn't being handled correctly in untrusted/trusted contexts. Fixed.
  • #3191 isNumber() was returning false (0) for numeric strings with whitespace padding or a + sign. Fixed.
  • #3183 Exporting lib:token as Add-On failing under Windows. Fixed.
  • #3176 getLibraryProperty() not handling numeric values correctly. Fixed.
  • #3175 Errors thrown when deleting lib:tokens. Fixed.
  • #3174 onCampaignLoad not being called consistently for lib:tokens. Fixed.
  • #3173 onFirstInit event not triggering when AddOn is imported a second time. Fixed.
  • #3159 Allow URI Access fag was being reset on server start. Fixed.
  • #3140 Unable to add/edit Bars if Type was localized. Fixed.
  • #3114 MBL/VBL/TVBL misaligned on imported UVTT maps that were cropped during export. Fixed.
  • #3112 Possible exceptions when multiple instances of MapTool tried to backup campaigns at the same time. Fixed.
  • #3093 MapTool hanging when opening a campaign whose assets were not already in assetcache. Not in released code. Fixed.
  • #3088 Player-editable macros on an unowned token should be treated as trusted. Fixed.
  • #3081 NPE when using library.listTokenLibraries() that were missing/unset properties. Fixed.
  • #3062 Preferences dialog had a mispelled and pointless tooltip. Removed.
  • #3061 Bad Universal VTT files causing Null Pointer Exceptions. Code added to catch issue.
  • #3013 Various macro functions were using case-sensitive function name comparisons. Changed to use case-insensitive comparisons.
  • #2781 MapTool could freeze when dropping images into Edit Token dialog. Fixed.
  • #233 Users could inadvertently advance initiative with Spacebar or Enter keys. Fixed.


  • #3204 Some i18n text strings reworked for new features.
  • #3100 Builds updated to use Adoptium JDK 16.0.2_7.
  • #3062 Map -> Import Dungeondraft VTT... changed to Map -> Import Unversal VTT...
  • #1348 Internal code work to support adding HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Audio, etc. in campaign files.
  • #1347 Several classes added to facilitate using JFX panels in Maptool.
  • #1346 Internal code work to extend Asset class to support data other than images.

Change Log for 1.10.4