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@cwisniew cwisniew released this Mar 24, 2019

Note for Mac Users:

To execute the application after dragging it to your desktop, you will need to Ctrl-click (or right-click) the .app and hold down Ctrl when you click Open (this is only needed the first time, and only because Apple won't recognize the application as being from an "identified developer").

Note for Windows Users:

Since RPTools is not a "known software publisher" by Microsoft, you will need to click through the prompts to execute MapTool the first time.

Note for Users Downloading the JAR:

This version of MapTool requires JavaFX which means you must have Java 9 or 10. The current version of Java 11 from Oracle or the OpenJDK will not work because the JavaFX library isn't included. If you have enough development background, you may be able to puzzle this out but we are only supporting Java 10 at this point.

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