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User Experience - Renter

High level overview:

  • Renter creates and account.
  • They log in and go to the Marketplace View
  • The select the device they want to rent
  • They make a payment
  • The are taken to a client dashboard with all connection information

User Experience - Device Owner

  • Device owner creates an account and logs in.
  • Clicks an 'Add Device' button to add a device to their account. This takes them through a series of prompts. They give the device a name, describe the device, and recieve a registration hash.
  • A username and pasword for the client's Docker container is generated at this time.
  • They are directed to instructions for flashing the SD card with an image and running the client software.
  • The client software is a node application that reads the registration key/hash from a file then retrieves login information from the server. The node app then customized a Docker file and builds a Docker container that opens an SSHD port with shell access. The node application initializes by performing a series of benchmark tests to determine memory, drive space, processor speed, and internet speed. It then registers with the server and uploads this benchmark data.
  • The device then appears in the owned devices view under the owners account.
  • A button in the owned devices view can be clicked to add the device to the marketplace. Rental fees are deposited into the renters account, minus administration fees.

View Specifications

Below are specifications and links to wire frames for each of the views.

Dashboard View

  • Shows basic account info
  • Shows account balance
  • Gateway to Payment View

Marketplace View

  • Lists devices available for rent.
  • Lists device stats and prices. Stats like memory, processor, drive space, and internet speed.

Payment View

  • Handles paypal or bitcoin transactions
  • Shows account balance

Client Dashboard View

  • shows all connection information
  • Shows time-to-live with payment link for extending the lifetime of the client.

Registered Devices View

  • Allows device owner to add or remove device from the marketplace.
  • Allows device owners to register new devices.