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Vengeful-WoW | PVE Highrate Server
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Redrum-Core Emulator

  • Trinitycore 3.3.5a :shipit: | WOTLK
  • Main System Redrum Emulator | Antrix Project 2005 | 3.3.5a :shipit:

Ymirheim Database

bug reports from players and fixes applied by our team.

How To use "The Issue Tracker"

Did you find a bug? How about having it fixed asap? Then please be so kind to submit your reports on our #GitHub ! In order to use the Issue Tracker, all you need to do is click on the green “New Issue” button. Add the title of the bug to your post (a title which makes it as clear as possible what the bug is about. No ambiguous “hunter pet bug” titles!), and fill in the template in the description box.

  • I Report my bug 👍
  • Vengeful-WoW Staff Receives your Report
  • My bug/report is fixed and submited to the Server
  • I am a Contributor!

Template walkthrough:

> Description: Write what the bug is, in as much detail as possible.
> No inempt posts: Such as "Warrior Bug, please fix"
> How to reproduce the bug: Please explain how we can locate the bug in question ourselves
  Example: what steps we have to take to make the bug happen again.
> How should it work: 'Explain how it's supposed to work, post a link from youtube?'
> Screenshots:  'Please provide links to any screenshots you have made which shows the bug in action.'
> Relevant AddOns: 'Please type in any AddOns you are using that might interfere with the game in more problematic ways. If you want to be   safe, list all of them'

Thank you

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