This plugin fixes some accessibility issues with the Genesis Framework
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Genesis Accessible

Genesis Accessible is a plugin for site owners who want accessibility-ready websites, but who use themes which don't yet support the Genesis Framework's accessibility features.

So what do you need?

  • WordPress: Well, First of all: have a recent version WordPress installed, preferably version 4.0 or higher. Also take a look at the requirements for WordPress
  • Genesis Framework: The Genesis Accessible plugin is written for the Genesis framework version 2.3.1 or higher. This excellent framework is not free, but doesn't cost much and is totally worth the money. You can buy and download it at; you only need the basic Genesis framework.
  • This plugin Genesis Accessible

Look for documentation on


  • Install WordPress (
  • Install the Genesis Framework version 2.3.1 or higher
  • Install your preferred Genesis child theme
  • If your site is in another language than English: install and activate the plugin Genesis Translations
  • Install and activate this plugin Genesis Accessible
  • Go in the Dashboard to Genesis → Accessibility Settings and select the options you want to add
  • Go to the Dashboard to Genesis → Theme Settings and select Content Archives: Display post content and Limit content to the amount of characters you want (e.g. 500)
  • Go to the Dashboard to Genesis → SEO Settings and uncheck "Use semantic HTML and section throughout site?"

Settings for Genesis version 2.1

  • To add an H1 on archives for categories: Go to the Dashboard to Posts → Category. Edit the category and fill out the Archive Headline.
  • To add an H1 on archives for tags: Go to the Dashboard to Posts → Tags. Edit the tag and fill out the Archive Headline.
  • Go to the Dashboard to Genesis → SEO Settings → Homepage Settings → Which text would you like to be wrapped in h1 tags? Select Site Title.

Look for documentation on

Frequently Asked Questions



Release date: August 10, 2015

  • Minor bugfixes, props @corvannoorloos
  • Removed address from TinyMCE options


Release date: May 23, 2015

  • Bug fix for search action pointing to the wrong url (thanks Jackie D'Elia)
  • Added French and updated German language files by Alain Schlesser
  • Added CSS position:relative to .more-link for compatibility with themes using backstretch scripts (thanks Paul Oasten and Carrie Dils)


Release date: May 6, 2015

  • Bug fixes in the skip links, props Nir Rosenbaum


Release date: May 4, 2015

  • Compatible with Genesis 2.2
  • Several bugfixes
  • Added the possibility to add your own 404 and page_archive templates
  • Added a check for the existence of a Category Archive title and intro to prevent a double heading in archive pages.
  • With help and contributions from: @GaryJ (Gary Jones), @littlerchicken (Robin Cornett), @cdils (Carrie Dils), @bramd (Bram Duvigneau), @purplebabyhippo (Angie Vale), @neilgee (Neil Gee) and the #genesiswp Slack community
  • Britisch translation by Richard Senior


Release date: August 25, 2014

  • Hebrew translation by Nir Rosenbaum
  • Spanish translation by Andrew Kurtis, WebHostingHub
  • Added genesis-accessible.pot
  • Minor bugfixes


Release date: August 8, 2014

  • Support for Genesis 2.1
  • Removed jump to search from skiplinks
  • Renamed classes prefix skip-links to genwpacc for consistency
  • Moved skip-links inside the header to improve the HTML5 outline
  • Moved the H2 Main navigation inside the nav class="nav-primary ...
  • Rewrite dropdown JS to use module pattern, props to Gary Jones
  • Removed .search-form and :focus from genwpacc-skiplinks.css → theme related, available in child theme Leiden
  • Removed adding an H1 on archive pages → option is now included in Genesis 2.1 (Posts → Category → Category Archive Settings)
  • Added an H1 on the Blog template and the author archive
  • Bugfixes


Release date: May 17, 2014

  • First release