Javascript HTTP Live Streaming realtime converter and player
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HTTP Live Streaming JavaScript player


What's this?

This is Apple HTTP Live Streaming JavaScript player created by performing realtime conversion of MPEG-TS video chunks to MPEG-4 in separate thread using Web Worker and playing them in order in main thread.

How does it work?

Conversion is done using jBinary binary manipulation library with programmatically described data structures according to ISO 13818-1, ISO-14496-2, ISO-14496-12 and ITU-T H.222.0 specifications.

Where does it work?

Works best in Chrome (stable branch), having more noticable lags when switching videos but still working in latest Firefox versions and IE10+.

Where I can see that?

Check out for live demo.

Screenshot: Screenshot


Please note that demo uses 3rd-party HLS demo source and service for proxying it with needed Cross-Origin-Request headers for browsers to allow chunk downloading, so it may be unstable.

Can I use it in Node.js?

Yes, you can.

What license is it issued under?

It's regular MIT license.