A second attempt at a homebrew Minecraft clone for 3DS
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Craftus 3D Reloaded

Craftus Reloaded is a homebrew Minecraft clone for Nintendo 3DS. It's under active development. It currently features only a creative-mode-esque game mode with infinite resources.


It's been a while since I started developing this version of Craftus. I started to do a rewrite, because the old Craftus was beyond fixable. Probably 15% is copied from the old Craftus the remaining part is rewritten.


  • An infinte world(in theory)
  • Two different world generators
  • Blocks, of multiple variants, can be broken and placed down to build structures
  • A basic inventory system
  • Saving and loading, multiple worlds
  • Clouds and menus
  • Sneaking and Flying

Default Controls

The controls can be changed by editing the file which can be found at sd:/craftus/options.ini (instructions can be found there too).

Category Action OLD 3DS NEW 3DS
Blocks Place Block L L
Blocks Break Block R R
Move Forward X Circle Pad (Up)
Move Backward B Circle Pad (Down)
Move Left Y Circle Pad (Left)
Move Right A Circle Pad (Right)
Move Jump DPad (Up) ZL
Move Shift DPad (Down) ZR
Camera Up Circle Pad (Up) C-Stick (Up)
Camera Down Circle Pad (Down) C-Stick (Down)
Camera Left Circle Pad (Left) C-Stick (Left)
Camera Right Circle Pad (Right) C-Stick (Right)
Inventory Switch Block DPad (Left) DPad (Left)
Inventory Switch Block DPad (Right) DPad (Right)
Commands Open Console Select Select
Menu Back Start Start


The options are changed in sd:/craftus/options.ini.

Option Meaning Default (OLD 3DS) Default (NEW 3DS) Values to Change
Autojump Jump automatically, being close to a block 1 (True) 0 (False) 0 (False) and 1 (True)

Known bugs

  • I experienced once, that blocks, which are newly placed in a specific chunk weren't rendered anymore, but blocks placed in another chunk were, but I couldn't reproduce this bug. Maybe it's related to old savefiles I hope I fixed this bug, because I couldn't find a way to reproduce it.
  • Making a screenshot with Luma Rosalina menu leads to crash Somehow this doesn't happen anymore


  • People who made 3DS homebrew possible
    • Especially smea for 3dscraft which is good place for stealing ideas inspiration
    • Contributors of the 3dbrew.org wiki and ctrulib
    • Fincs for citro3d
    • More people I forgot about, even though I extended this list multiple times
  • XSSheep, for the textures, taken from his resourcepack which is licensed under CC BY-SA
  • Tommaso Checchi, for his culling algorithm, orginally developed for the use in MC PE
  • Of course all other MC devs, how could I forget them?
  • All people who worked on the libraries Craftus is depending on(see the dependencies folder)