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  1. RSG-Chess-mobile

    Mobile chess client based on RSG Chess API and built by React Native.

    JavaScript 14 2

  2. hyper-background

    Easily change the background of your Hyper terminal!

    TypeScript 4 1

  3. rsg-components

    Some React components with beautiful styling to use in your web app.

    JavaScript 2

  4. RSG-Chess-API

    Chess APIs for board generation, move validation, checkmate/stalemate detection, custom rules, AI best move detection. Easy and open for third party integrations & plugins.

    JavaScript 1

  5. website

    Official RSG website built in Material Design w/ Next.js w/ Express w/ Apollo w/ Babel w/ Flow.


  6. wallpapers

    Not Bad Wallpapers - A set of wallpapers graciously donated by the community, and a download client for Android written with love in React Native.


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