@LogMANOriginal LogMANOriginal released this Jan 13, 2019 · 4 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

General changes

  • Updated PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser to version 1.7 (b00971b)
  • Added the ability to use file_get_contents instead of cURL when running in CLI mode and no root certificates are defined for cURL (#962)
  • Added a new FeedItem class to handle items returned by bridges (#940)
    Note: This class should not be used for bridges yet as it might change in the future!
  • Fixed various bridges that didn't pass the unit tests (#984)
  • Refactored JsonFormat to JSON Feed version 1 (#988)
  • Refactored unit tests to properly check all bridges (#980)

New bridges

Modified bridges

  • Amazon

    • Fixed parsing of list item (#998)
  • Dilbert

    • Fixed URI and item title (#976)
  • Discogs

    • Fixed timestamp parsing (3160e62)
  • EliteDangerousGalnet

    • Added support for others website languages (#992)
  • Instagram

    • Truncate long titles and use full text as content (#961)
    • Added link on image and video indication in title (#966)
    • Added author if available in response (#997)
  • Soundcloud

    • Fixed feeds for artists with less than 10 tracks would return empty (#970)
  • TheHackerNews

    • Fixed content extraction (#972)
  • Twitter

    • Added option to disable image scaling in feeds (bb2329f)

Removed bridges

No bridges were removed in this release!