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Create your browser RPG in HTML5!

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RPG JS use CanvasEngine 1.3.1. Think integrate CanvasEngine and all extensions before RPG JS

Uses http://localhost for to test

How does it work ?

  • RPG JS is based primarily on data stored in JSON files.
  • The project contains a very specific folder structure.
  • The engine used is CanvasEngine (last version) for display, collisions, sound, but especially for creating scenes.

The core of RPG JS is composed of three parts:

  • Sprites : Display characters and sets the stage
  • Games : Contains only data manipulation (no display)
  • Scenes : The scenes are the link between the data manipulation and display. It also gets input from the keyboard or joystick

Get Started



  • Fix change the appearance of the hero
  • Fix execution of an event when the hero is stopped
  • Spacebar usable in the selection
  • Fix the moving pictures and rotations
  • Fix test of a item possessed in the condition command if item does not exist
  • Fix test of self switch

Beta 1.4.3

  • Works on IE
  • Fix refresh an event after choice
  • Fix collision when the height of the Sprite is different from 48px

Beta 1.4.2

  • Avoid multiple animations on a moving sprite
  • Fix motion animation that was not displayed sometimes


MIT. Free for commercial use.

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