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CFW in your NAND.

##How to Install

  • Download ShadowNAND Installer from here
  • Download ShadowNAND itself from here
  • Download other required files from here
  • Put ShadowNAND files, other required files, and your otp.bin to SD:\homebrew\3ds\ShadowNAND_Installer
  • Boot from ShadowNAND_Installer.bin or other entry points.
  • Press SELECT
  • Done.

##How to use

  • Install.
  • Download and install SaltFW v3.0 in ShadowNAND way (boot.bin in /homebrew/3ds/)
  • SaltFW is the companion CFW for ShadowNAND until ShadowNAND has more features.
  • Done.

##What can it do:

  • Boot homebrew/3ds/boot.bin, this can be any payload.
  • Boot homebrew/3ds/boot.bin with screeninit by pressing DPAD_LEFT on launch.
  • Boot homebrew/3ds/bootmgr.bin by pressing DPAD_DOWN on launch, this can be any payload.
  • CtrBootManager9 is the bootmanager of choice. Download here.
  • Boot to SysNAND if no payload or SD found. (thanks to @AuroraWright)

##SysNAND booting:

  • Patches firmwrites, so you can update your sysNAND.
  • Patches sigchecks so it can show/launch unsigned programs.
  • No reboot patches yet, so no AGB/TWL/SAFE_MODE booting.

##Planned features:

  • Splash screen.
  • Reboot patches.
  • AGB/TWL FIRM patches.
  • Built-in bootloader with GUI.
  • EmuNAND support.
  • External injector/loader support.
  • Region/Language emulation.
  • Region-free patches.
  • firmware.bin support.


sdmmc.c & sdmmc.h originally written by Normatt

Licensed under GPLv2 or any later version, refer to the license.txt file included.

  • Smealum and contributors for libctru
  • Normatt for sdmmc.c and .h, and also for .ld files and the log from 3dmoo9 that provided us with some of the information needed to get screen init
  • Christophe Devine for the SHA codes
  • Archshift for i2c.c and .h
  • Megazig for crypto.c and .h
  • Patois for original BRAHMA code
  • Smealum, Derrek, Plutoo for publishing the exploit
  • Yellows8 and Plutoo as ideators of it
  • 3dbrew community
  • bilis/b1l1s for his screen init code, and work on inegrating it into stage 2
  • dark_samus for work on integrating screen init into stage 2
  • AuroraWright for the main features.


CFW right in your NAND







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  • Makefile 1.3%
  • Other 1.3%