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was always color chose the you black
quella amin
a to attention in draw crowd
lle quella
me of eyes enticed that those
n'tess gothamin
tengwa parm templa
haeannon irma
melloneamin asca
sinta lle vasa amin
bragol alaa
a times I thousand when drowned
rides like your the machine sleek ego
ring wing
uuvanimo n'tess
bragol thalion
tinchor naur ostring
the black eyes. depths those within of
the to blackness was always I attracted
your personality the splinters to of cover
of enthralled me magic the that
the to you from separate sheep
color of your hair the of
nai turamin uuvanimo
lietha guldur
khelek hurro'
pilini' templa
lanta kaima
karn aduamin
demise, path my down to the
lanta kalale en'
turamin nai
spirits to the pave for wayward way
bragollach tel'llach
night with million a spangled stars like the
tinchor osturra naur
but I when followed was blindly that
tanya loomi amin lirva
tempa tanya pela aiguldur
the secrets you deep of within
en gurth loomi
pen inkwell the that the like beckons
thoughts dare like the speak naked you not
color was black always your favorite