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How to make a squishy controller for a Unity game

This is a workshop that explores a new interface for tangible interaction.

Using a pressure sensor as an analog input during the workshop we will understand how analog communication differs from digital communication in electronics, how to setup the sensor for basic prototyping and experiment in designing a controller for a simple Unity game.

Skills acquired

Analog and digital communication Serial communication with Arduino UNO Circuit sketch reading and designing Tangible interaction prototyping Unity game design


Arduino UNO Pressure Sensor MPX5010GP CASE 867B-04 (Available in Digikey and Mouser) Prototyping cables Small breadboard 1/8'' ID Flexible Vynil tubbing Acrylic or plywood to mount the prototype Enema bulb/ bulb syringe/regular syringe/Slime ) 4mm screws or double sided permanent tape to fix components M2 Standoffs to make prototype

Day 1

Day 2

Extra references

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