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A full stack web app built with HTML, CSS, & JS on client-side and Node & Express on server-side, that lets users shorten URLs.
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TinyApp Project

TinyApp is a full stack web app built using Node and Express that allows users to shorten URLs.

Getting Started

  1. Fork this repository, then clone your fork of this repository.
  2. Install dependencies using the npm install command.
  3. Start the web server using the npm start command.
    1. The app will be served at http://localhost:8080/.
  4. Go to http://localhost:8080/ in your browser.


  • bcrypt - A library to help you hash passwords
  • body-parser - Node.js body parsing middleware
  • cookie-parser - Parse HTTP request cookies
  • cookie-session - Simple cookie-based session middleware
  • ejs - Embedded JavaScript templates
  • Express - Web application server framework

Dev Dependencies:

  • nodemon - Monitor your source and automatically restart server

Project Screenshots:

TinyApp Login Page

TinyApp Login Page - Error Message

TinyApp Register Page

TinyApp Register Page - Error Message

TinyApp - Home Page, User Start

TinyApp - Home Page, User with URLs

TinyApp Create URL Page

TinyApp Edit URL Page

TinyApp Permission Denied Page


User stories, display requirements and behaviour requirements -




I used Git for versioning. For the versions available, see the repository.

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