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ControlDepo 3 UI Upload is multiple file uploader via flash, build on top of Prototype.js
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ControlDepo 3 UI Upload is multiple file uploader via flash, build on top of Prototype.js

CD3.UI.Upload provides the most basic features handling uploads via flash . It's main purpose it to be used as ground for extensions and plugins. The only requirement is Prototype.js (witch can be downloaded from here).


Name Default Description
swf null [REQUIRED] the path to the uploader.swf used for uploading ( most of the time a working version of uploader.swf could be found here )
overlay null element or element id of the element, who's position will be cloned and uploader.swf will be positioned over
width 1 starting width of the swf button
height 1 starting height of the swf button
insertInto null element in witch uploader.swf will be inserted, if not specified it will have to be inserted manually
url null [REQUIRED] URL to the server-side script
data null additional data for the upload request ( example: {product_id: 1} )
fileName 'file' File name for the upload ( just like name attribute of input type file )
timeLimit 0 Timeout, how many seconds to way for server response.
minSize 0 Min size of a single file
maxSize 0 Max size of a single file
types null Filters for the files, all valid types. Can be a string ( '*.jpg; *.jpeg; *.gif; *.png' ) or object ( { 'Images (*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.gif, *.png)': '*.jpg; *.jpeg; *.gif; *.png' } )
allowDuplicates false Can one file be uploaded twice
trace false Debuging option, flash will call console.log


Event Event.memo Description
cd3:upload:initialize Fired when swf object is added to the document
cd3:upload:select files, queue Fired when files are selected
cd3:upload:start id, file, queue Fired when upload have started
cd3:upload:progress id, file, queue, percent, percentTotal Fired as upload progresses
cd3:upload:completed id, file, queue, responseText Fired when file upload have completed succesfully
cd3:upload:error id, file, queue, message, code Fired when an error occurs on uploading
cd3:upload:empty Fired when start method called with no files selected
cd3:upload:removed queue Fired after file was removed from the quque
cd3:upload:mouseover Fired on mouseover
cd3:upload:mouseout Fired on mouseover

Public API:

start() Start uploading all selected files
remove(id) Remove file from upload queue (by its id) stop() Stops the current upload queue observe(event, callback) Observe events on the flash, given events are just initialize, select, progress, ... (with no cd3:upload) observe({event: callback, ...}) Observe can be call with multiple events and callbacks clonePosition(element) Swf object clones the position of the given element toElement Returns reference to swf object (primary to be used by Element#insert)


CD3.UI.Upload currently is alpha version and is only tested on MacOS X in Firefox 3.5 and Safary 4.

Example usage

var up = new CD3.UI.Upload({
    swf:        '/flash/uploader.swf',
    url:        '/upload.php',
    types:      { 'Images (*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.gif, *.png)': '*.jpg; *.jpeg; *.gif; *.png' },
    overlay:    'browse',
    insertInto: 'upload_set'
}, {
    'select': MyCustomUpload.onSelect,
    'progress': MyCustomUpload.onProgress,
    'completed': MyCustomUpload.onCompleted,
    'error': MyCustomUpload.onError


The demo could be found in showcases/basic in this repo. The only requirement is that uploader.fla is compiled to uploader.swf and the path is set in showcases/basic/basic.js

Contributing to CD3.UI.Upload

The CD3.UI.Upload source code is hosted on GitHub.


You can fork the CD3.UI.Upload project on GitHub, commit your changes, and send me a pull request. All patches are welcomed :)

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