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RSuter committed Nov 5, 2018
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@@ -27,8 +27,8 @@ CI NuGet Feed:
- Read existing JSON Schemas and validate JSON data (`JsonSchema4.FromJsonAsync()`)
- Generate JSON Schema from .NET type via reflection (with support for many attributes/annotations) (`JsonSchema4.FromTypeAsync<MyType>()`)
- [Read existing JSON Schemas]( and [validate JSON data]( (`JsonSchema4.FromJsonAsync()`)
- [Generate JSON Schema from .NET type via reflection]( (with support for many attributes/annotations) (`JsonSchema4.FromTypeAsync<MyType>()`)
- [Generate JSON Schema from sample JSON data]( (`JsonSchema4.FromSampleJson()`)
- Support for schema references ($ref) (relative, URL and file)
- Generate C# and TypeScript code from JSON Schema

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