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Introduction: An introduction to the Visto JavaScript Library with some sample code

View components:

  • View HTML: Explanation of the HTML part of a view.
  • View "code-behind": Explanation of the view "code-behind" class.
  • View model: Explanation how to implement the view model class.
  • Event methods: Lists the event methods like onLoaded() or onNavigatedTo().


  • Paging: Explains the paging and navigation mechanisms.
  • Dialogs: Explains how to show views as dialogs.
  • Package: Some information about packages and how you should implement them.
  • Internationalization: Shows how to translate the GUI in multiple languages.
  • Loading screen: Shows how to show and hide the default loading screen.
  • Best practices: Lists some best practices to avoid common pitfalls.
  • common Package: Some information about the optional "common" package.

Advanced topics:

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