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The framework provides paging methods to implement a stack-based paging model like in Windows Phone or Windows 8. The paging implementation automatically adds navigation hash-tags to the browser to handle the user's back-key presses correctly.


  • visto.navigateTo()
    • Navigates to another page.

    • The fullViewName parameter is of the form myViewName or myPackageName:myViewName. If no package is specified, the view is looked up in the default package. To reference views in the same package, you should use the imported package as first parameter:

        import visto = module("libs/visto");
        import package = module("module");
        visto.navigateTo(package, "myViewName", ...);
    • The method uses the body element as the navigation container.

  • visto.navigateBack()
    • Navigate to the previous page (in the global page stack)
  • visto.navigateHome()
    • Navigate to the first page (in the global page stack)