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RT-WDF - Real-Time Wave Digital Filter Library
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RT-WDF is a real-time capable Wave Digital Filter library for circuit modeling, with support for arbitrary topologies and multiple/multiport non-linearities. It was introduced in a DAFx-16 paper and comes with a full API reference documentation.

The repository is divided into two parts:


This folder contains the actual code of RT-WDF.


This folder contains the DAFx-16 paper as well as the doxygen file to generate the API reference documentation.

After installing doxygen, run doxygen ./Documentation/Doxyfile to generate the html documentation in a new folder at ../rt-wdf-doc, which corresponds to the gh-pages branch.


RT-WDF depends on armadillo. Make sure to install the library and it's dependencies.

Getting started

To get started, check out the wdfRenderer project, which runs some reference circuits.


Drop a line to to get in touch!


Initial development of the RT-WDF libary was partly sponsored by CCRMA/Stanford University. A special thanks goes to Julius Orion Smith III for making this possible.

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