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The Camapign Management UI for RTB4Free, the open source bidder / DSP.
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Campaign Manager - RTB4FREE Campaign Management UI

Campaign management user interface for RTB4Free

An image of this repo is available directly from Docker Hub

Getting Help

User documentation can be found on Read The Docs

Source Code

To start working with code, first make sure you have the following installed on your computer:

Next, get the code from this Github repo:

git clone
cd campaign-manager

The RTB4Free campaign manager is a standard Rails 4.x application, and can be installed and managed in the standard Rails fashion:

Install using Rails:

bundle install

Configure the database:

rake db:setup

Run the tests:

rake test

Start the server:

rails s

Using Campaign Manager

To run the campaign manager locally, open a browser to the host:


Username: Password: rtb4free

For information about the campaign manager functionality:

User Documentation

Getting Support

There are various ways of getting support:

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