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# $Id$

This is the RTEMS Graphics Toolkit. It is a collection of free software
packages that are suitable for use in building graphical interfaces for
RTEMS-based embedded systems.

You should have RTEMS installed and configured for your BSP.  The
RTEMS configuration should meet the following requirements:

+ TCP/IP enabled 
  - not required at run-time but has endian swapping routines
+ POSIX enabled

Additionally, your BSP should have a framebuffer and pointing device
(e.g. mouse, touch screen, etc).  This is an area where RTEMS and
this kit needs improvement on configuration but the basics are in place.
Also, to work with current version of Microwindows/nano-X, 
the framebuffer driver must be initialized in packed pixel mode

Populate the git submodules:
    $ git submodule init
    $ git submodule update

This will fetch the microwin and nxlib repositories

The ./do_it script has the following parameters:

    do_it [options]
      -A - build and install all libraries
      -a - build all libraries
      -j - build JPEG support (default=no)
      -p - build PNG support (default=no)
      -t - build TIFF support (default=no)
      -1 - build Adobe Type 1 font support (default=no)
      -T - build Truetype font support (default=no)
      -n - build Microwindows/Nano-X support (default=no)
      -x - build Microwindows/Nano-X NXLib support (default=no)
      -f - build FLTK support (default=no)
      -c - clean after building (default=no)
      -b - build only, do not install libraries (default=no)
      -s - use sudo for make install (default=no)
      -v - verbose

      + Use of each option toggles the setting.  For example, \"-v -v -A -1\"
        results in verbose=no and all steps done except Type 1 fonts and build only.
      + RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH must be set
      + By default, nothing is built.

Below is an invocation for the pc386 BSP which should build all of the
supported libraries and install them for the pc386 BSP which is installed
into your ${HOME}.  RTEMS was configured with --prefix set to:

RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH=${HOME}/rtems-4.10-work/bsp-install/i386-rtems4.10/pc386/ \
    ./do_it -A -v

The CFLAGS and target information are automatically gathered from the
install Makefile information.  This is used to properly configure
and install the desired graphics support libraries.
This command also builds Microwin/Nano-X and NXLib which must be fetched from 
external repository.

To be able tu build tests for FLTK package, users must not clean microwindows,
as it uses for initializations the object files from the aformentioned package.

After installing this, you can proceed to building Microwin/Nano-X. 
It is expected that this will be integrated into a future revision of the
Graphics Toolkit.  We hope to add other libraries like SVGAlib in the future.  
This is definitely an area in which users can contribute.


Usage Notes:

Adobe Type 1 Library
+ This needs .t1librc and an override on the location of t1 fonts.
  Then we need to put some T1 fonts in the rootfs filesystem.
  This works now by setting the environment variable.  See rtems_init.c
  in the microwin source.

* As of December 2013, fltk does not build.
  TODO: Fix the build / re-port fltk
  Note: Upstream has switched to cmake while this is still using the old
  autoconf system

Libraries used:

libjpeg      - (v8d)    http://www.ijg.org/
libtiff      - (v4.0.2) http://www.libtiff.org/
libpng       - (1.5.12) http://www.libpng.org/pub/png/libpng.html
libfreetype  - (2.4.10) http://freetype.sourceforge.net/index2.html
libt1        - (5.1.2)  http://www.t1lib.org/
svgalib      - (1.4.3)  http://svgalib.org/
fltk         - (1.3.0)  http://www.fltk.org

    git clone git://microwindows.org/nxlib

Forked for RTEMS at: