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Commits on Apr 30, 2015
  1. @sebhub
Commits on Apr 29, 2015
  1. @kiwichris

    libmisc/cpuuse: Top support for current load.

    kiwichris authored
    The cpuuse top command now supports the current load where the list of
    tasks is ordered based on the current load rather than the total cpu usage.
    This lets you see what is using the processor at any specific instance.
    The ability to sort on a range of thread values is now supported.
    Added memory usage stats for unified and separate workspace and C heaps as
    well as displaying the allocated stack space.
    Added a few more command keys to refresh the display, show all tasks in the
    system, control the lines display and a scrolling mode that does not clear
    the display on each refresh.
    Removed support for tick kernel builds. The tick support in the kernel is to
    be removed.
Commits on Apr 27, 2015
  1. @sebhub

    sptests/spstkalloc02: Fix namespace issue

    sebhub authored
    Avoid collision with <sys/param.h> defined PAGE_SIZE.
  2. @sebhub
  3. @sebhub
  4. @heshamelmatary @sebhub

    Fix broken BSPs due to a shared cache function declaration.

    heshamelmatary authored sebhub committed
    Get rid of _CPU_cache_invalidate_instruction_range declaration
    as it doesn't make sense here.
  5. @sebhub

    dosfs: Fix warning fix

    sebhub authored
Commits on Apr 26, 2015
  1. @heshamelmatary @joelsherrill

    Fix or1k C++ build failure

    heshamelmatary authored joelsherrill committed
    Closes #2329
Commits on Apr 24, 2015
  1. @sebhub
Commits on Apr 23, 2015
  1. @sebhub

    score: Fix POSIX thread join

    sebhub authored
    A thread join is twofold.  There is one thread that exists and an
    arbitrary number of threads that wait for the thread exit (one-to-many
    relation).  The exiting thread may want to wait for a thread that wants
    to join its exit (STATES_WAITING_FOR_JOIN_AT_EXIT in
    _POSIX_Thread_Exit()).  On the other side we need a thread queue for all
    the threads that wait for the exit of one particular thread
    (STATES_WAITING_FOR_JOIN in pthread_join()).
    Update #2035.
  2. @joelsherrill

    sp13/system.h: Account for all message buffers

    joelsherrill authored
    There may be a way to reduce the memory requirements but it
    will require time to ensure the math is right and it passes
    on all targets. At the current time, it fails on 22 BSPs which
    run on simulators.
  3. @joelsherrill

    simsh*.tcfg: Add iostream

    joelsherrill authored
  4. @joelsherrill
  5. @joelsherrill
  6. @joelsherrill
  7. @joelsherrill
  8. @joelsherrill
  9. @joelsherrill
  10. @joelsherrill
  11. @joelsherrill
  12. @sebhub
  13. @sebhub

    score: _CORE_mutex_Seize_interrupt_blocking()

    sebhub authored
    Move some code into _CORE_mutex_Seize_interrupt_blocking() so that the
    thread queue handling is in one place.
  14. @sebhub

    score: Delete Thread_queue_Control::state

    sebhub authored
    Use a parameter for _Thread_queue_Enqueue() instead to reduce memory
  15. @sebhub

    score: Fix priority message queue insert

    sebhub authored
    Move the linear search into a critical section to avoid corruption due
    to higher priority interrupts.  The interrupt disable time depends now
    on the count of pending messages.
    Close #2328.
Commits on Apr 22, 2015
  1. @sebhub

    score: Delete _CORE_RWLock_Timeout()

    sebhub authored
    This function was identical to _Thread_queue_Timeout().  This makes
    _Thread_queue_Enqueue_with_handler() obsolete.
  2. @sebhub

    score: Delete bogus THREAD_QUEUE_WAIT_FOREVER

    sebhub authored
    It makes no sense to use this indirection since the type for timeout
    values is Watchdog_Interval.
  3. @sebhub

    smptests/smpcache01: Enable interrupts before waiting for other CPUs

    Daniel Cederman authored sebhub committed
    Otherwise there is a risk that a CPU misses a cache manager message
    from another CPU and the test hangs.
Commits on Apr 21, 2015
  1. @sebhub

    score: Delete object control block ISR lock

    sebhub authored
    The Objects_Control::Lock was a software layer violation.  It worked
    only for the threads since they are somewhat special.
    Update #2273.
  2. @sebhub

    score: Add _Thread_Get_interrupt_disable()

    sebhub authored
    Remove _Thread_Acquire() and _Thread_Acquire_for_executing().  Add
    utility functions for the default thread lock.   Use the default thread
    lock for the RTEMS events.  There is no need to disable thread
    dispatching and a Giant acquire in _Event_Timeout() since this was
    already done by the caller.
    Update #2273.
  3. @sebhub

    score: Modify _Thread_Dispatch_disable_critical()

    sebhub authored
    Return the current processor to be in line with
  4. @sebhub

    score: _Objects_Get_isr_disable()

    sebhub authored
    Do not disable thread dispatching and do not acquire the Giant lock.
    This makes it possible to use this object get variant for fine grained
    Update #2273.
  5. @sebhub

    score: _Objects_Get_isr_disable()

    sebhub authored
    Use ISR_lock_Context instead of ISR_Level to allow use of ISR locks for
    low-level locking.
    Update #2273.
Commits on Apr 20, 2015
  1. @sebhub
  2. @sebhub
Commits on Apr 19, 2015
  1. @heshamelmatary @gedare

    Rename or1ksim BSP to generic_or1k

    heshamelmatary authored gedare committed
    or1ksim BSP was initially named after or1ksim simulator, and it was
    intented to only run there. But now it can also run on QEMU, jor1k and
    real FPGA boards without modifications. It makes more sense to give
    it a new generic name like generic_or1k.
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