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Respect 2^32 - 1 B NFSv2 maximum file size

closes #2384
latest commit 040ddd23b5
Nick Withers authored gedare committed
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aclocal DRVMGR: added driver manager to cpukit/libdrvmgr
automake Remove All CVS Id Strings Possible Using a Script
dev i2c: Fix return status of i2c dev read/write
ftpd Regenerate all files.
include rtems/endian.h: Reduce header dependencies
libblock libblock: Fix warning
libcrypt cpukit/libcrypt/misc.c: Reverse order of statements in ifdef
libcsupport score: Introduce Thread_queue_Heads
libdl libdl/rtl-shell.c: Adjust printf() format for off_t based on target
libdrvmgr DRVMGR: remove struct driver registration func
libfs Respect 2^32 - 1 B NFSv2 maximum file size
libgnat Change all references of to
libmd libmd: Disable SHA modules for m32c
libmisc score: Add self-contained condition implementation
libnetworking tftpDriver: close() false error
libqos Change all references of to
librpc cpukit: Add Epiphany architecture port v4
mghttpd Enable WebSocket support in the Mongoose HTTP server
posix score: Rename _POSIX_Absolute_timeout_to_ticks()
pppd Delete or rename MIN/MAX macros and defines
rtems score: Introduce Thread_queue_Heads
sapi score: Rename _POSIX_Absolute_timeout_to_ticks()
score Add __synch_synchronize function for arm
telnetd telnetd: Use socklen_t
wrapup libcsupport: Workaround for GCC 5.1 and later
zlib Regenerate all files. doxygen: expand specified compiler macros to empty string, so they ar… DRVMGR: only build on SPARC platform
acinclude.m4 Add magic to update cpuopt.h. score: Add thread queue for self-contained objects
doxy-filter Remove CVS Id Strings (manual edits after script) DRVMGR: only build on SPARC platform
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